Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a business coach?

The most successful entrepreneurs have coaches to ensure their success. A business coach will work with you to create the following to achieve your business goals:

  • Clarity in your vision, mission, and values to ensure your business is built on a solid foundation and every aspect is aligned to promote understanding in both your team and clients in why, how, and what you do.
  • Focus on achieving your long-term goals by setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely) short-term goals taking away the sense of overwhelm and replacing it with accomplishment.
  • Accountability through regular sessions in which time frames for new goals are set, achieved goals are reviewed and outcomes discussed. Giving you someone to be accountable to.

A business coach can also work with you to assist in understanding key areas of business, recommend what not to do based on their experience, refer you to other business professionals as well as being able to introduce you to a network of small business owners who are going through the same challenges as yourself.

2. How do I know this will work for my business?

With over twenty years of experience, our team has been exposed to a variety of industries and is constantly being developed to ensure that we can provide the best possible solutions to assist you in achieving your goals. The action plan we create together is specific to your business and your goals. We work with you to provide clarity, focus, and accountability to ensure the goals are achieved.

3. How do I find the time?

Initially, it will require you to allocate the time, potentially at the sacrifice of something else however as we progress through your action plan, we will show you ways to utilise your time and work more efficiently. After a few months, you will be allocating your time differently and begin moving towards your transition from operator to owner.

4. What does coaching cost?

Your investment in business coaching will depend on the size of your business and the extent of your goals. During your discovery session, your business coach will provide you with costs about your business and the outcomes that you want to achieve. When we set the pricing, we ensure that it is both affordable and appropriate to the desired outcomes backed by our guarantee of Double in 90 days. We want you to be able to have more time, more money, peace of mind, and live your dream. Working with our coaches will ensure not only that your investment in our services more than pays for itself but you will also be developed and empowered to be able to achieve your goals.

5. Does this mean more work?

Yes, but only in the short term, it will be short-term pain for amazing gain. As we move through the plan, and you start to transition from business operator to business owner you will see that this question was unnecessary. Instead of constantly working in the business trying to do everything because no one else does it right, you will be working on the business allocating your time where it is most beneficial being more productive with less effort required.

6. Will implementing the plan cost me more money?

No, we focus on generating more from what you are doing well to start with using the same investment. We also look at where you can save money to increase the profitability of your business. As we work with you to implement new strategies, the tactics we use are designed to generate more than they cost including areas such as marketing where you will need to run trials to find the best outcome.

7. What can you coach me in?

We break down businesses into 4 key areas, which we will train you on through the coaching process. These are:

People – Building an A+ team of the right people and all the aspects required to achieve this.

Brand Engagement – How to leverage your engagement to create raving fans. Your business is your brand, every way you engage your clients reflects it.

Operations- How to optimise your investment of time and money on your operations to achieve efficiencies and profitability.

Strategic Development- Setting goals in line with your vision, mission, and values to define the strategies you use to overcome challenges, grow and scale the business.

8. Why 12 months?

To achieve significant gain, we need to create long-term strategies to achieve long-term goals within your business. While there may be some short-term actions, we can take to support the long-term strategies, a “quick fix” generally lasts about as long as it takes to implement it. 12 months should be the minimum for the coaching process as we will have you working on all aspects of your business. Sticking with it and achieving long-term goals will change your life.

9. What is your guarantee?

We are passionately invested in your success and working with us will not only get you results but will also change your life. As we are committed to you achieving your goals, we expect that you will be too. Our guarantee is we will find you double our fee in 90 days or refund your money. This means in the first 90 days we will be able to show you where can achieve double our fee in profit over the 12-month action plan. If you are being accountable for achieving the agreed-upon goals, actions, following the action plan to reach your desired outcomes and we are unable to meet our guarantee we will refund your money.