Who is my Ideal Client?

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Knowing your ideal client is important when creating the products or services your business provides. It allows you to build an irresistible offer that fulfils their needs and resolves their pain points. So what is an ideal client?



What is an ideal client?


An ideal client is someone who shares in your vision, they believe what you believe. They just “get it”, your offer fits their needs perfectly and resolves their pain points. As they buy, they become raving fans, loving what you do and actively referring others. They buy more, refer more, stay longer and provide feedback. So how do you identify your ideal client?


Who is my ideal client?


To identify and understand your ideal client, you need to create a client profile. A client profile is a document that contains their background, demographics, interests, buying habits, mindset and any other relevant details of your ideal client. For example:


Client profile:



Construction Supervisor

Worked in the construction industry for 17 years, started as an apprentice.

Married with 2 children, 17 and 12 years old.



Blue Collar

35 years old

Dual Income House: $155,000

Urban living



Football and cricket




Buying habits:

Researching and buying sports memorabilia online.

Shops at a local butcher for premium meat cuts for BBQing

Shops corporate camping store for branded gear



Football and Cricket are amazing and showcases memorabilia at home to celebrate it.

BBQing is a way of life and it’s important to have the best meat. Shares best “cooks” on Instagram.

Camping is an enjoyable family escape from the city, loves having the best of the best. Goes camping once a month.


Once you’ve identified your ideal client, now you need to reach out to them.


How to reach my ideal client?


Start with a narrow market targeting a very specific need or pain point. Research where your ideal client interacts for their purchasing.


Create a specific value proposition with your service or product to cover the need or pain point.


Test your value proposition in one on one meetings, offer free samples or targeted ads.


Adjust as required, once you have positive feedback and outcomes expand further into the market.



Knowing your Ideal client


Once you know your ideal client it is important to stay true to them. You may deal with clients that aren’t quite the ideal along the way to support your cash flow so you can keep working on your mission. The difference is you are making informed decisions on who you do business with and understand the impacts. Serve your ideal clients, create raving fans and not only will you further your vision, but you will also accelerate your revenue.



Written by 


Michael Clift 

Founder|Business Coach

Venture Cultivation Coaching