Why Doesn’t Marketing Work For Me?

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You aren’t alone.

Every small business owner has run an ad at some point that just didn’t work.

The issue is EVERYTHING we have been TAUGHT as small business owners about marketing is wrong. Then we run ads for ourselves, get poor results and then give up because it is a “waste” of money.

What we aren’t told is that you must be able to enter the conversation that is taking place in the head of your prospects about what problem they have and the result they need to resolve it.

There are four steps to entering the conversation:

Interrupt – Get their attention to the problem.

Engage – Promise upcoming information to help them make a decision on resolving the problem.

Educate – Give them information on how and why you solve that problem.

Offer – a low to no risk way for them to start the process of you helping them resolve the problem.

Understanding these 4 steps is an important part of effective marketing.

If you would like to know more we offer a free training video on how everything you were taught about marketing is wrong.

WARNING this training will be confrontational for some as it will challenge what you believe. However, after watching it you will have a greater understanding of how you can effectively market your business. If you outsource your marketing watching this will help you understand how to engage with your marketing person to get the best results.

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