Winners Have Coaches

As business owners, we are limited by what we have personally experienced. Why we act, how we act, what action we take is a result of our experiences. History shows us that extraordinary individuals look outside their own experiences to develop themselves, striving to achieve their goals. Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk plus many more all have coaches. They wanted to succeed which led them to seek out others with more experience to coach them in how to improve.

Why do I need a business coach?

This is how I look at it, as a person you only know what you know, it’s frightening to push outside your comfort zone, we can dream big but not connect the dots to make it a reality plus there is always tomorrow, next week, or even the new year to start …right? Combining all of these with your average business owner leads to working excessive hours, waiting for customers to find you, struggling to have consistent cash flow, never finding the “right person” for the job, and hoping for a lotto win. If any of this rings a bell, you need a coach to overcome these challenges.

How does Business coaching work for me?

A business coach, either through one on one or group coaching, will work with you to create the following to achieve your business goals:

  • Clarity in your vision, mission, and values to ensure your business is built on a solid foundation and every aspect is aligned to promote understanding in both your team and clients in why, how, and what you do.
  • Focus on achieving your long-term goals by setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely) short-term goals taking away the sense of overwhelm and replacing it with accomplishment.
  • Accountability through regular sessions in which time frames for new goals are set, achieved goals are reviewed and outcomes discussed. Giving you someone to be accountable to.

A business coach can also work with you to assist in understanding key areas of business, recommend what not to do based on their experience, refer you to other professionals such as accountants, marketers, and finance brokers as well as being able to introduce you to a network of small business owners who are going through the same challenges as yourself.

What do I look for in a business coach?

A good business coach for you is someone who you are comfortable disclosing the confidential details of your business, the intimate details of your life(it will come up believe me), and can engage as well as motivate you while holding you accountable. The best way to see if a business coach is right for you is to book a discovery session in which you meet them, discuss your business, your challenges, and your needs. At the end of the session, you should have a good feel for if they are right for you and if they back it up with a coaching agreement as well as a guarantee it’s time to the leap.

Winners have coaches

Above I mentioned some of the richest people in the world who are considered to be winning in business that have coaches. When you join a sports team, the aim is to win games and finish the season on top which requires a coach. If you were training for a marathon or Olympics, you would employ a coach if you were serious about winning. I could keep going down the rabbit hole with examples but the short of it is winners have coaches.

As a business owner, you are trying to strive towards your vision, build wealth, feed your family, spend time with loved ones, look after employees that depend on your success for their livelihoods, and ultimately retire comfortably. With all this in mind, why wouldn’t you hire a business coach to improve your success? Become a winner, reach out and book a discovery session with a business coach today.

Written by

Michael Clift

Founder|Business Coach

Venture Cultivation Coaching

Group 2066